Play Ball!

Welcome to Billion Dollar Baseball!

Just two years after creating common-sense, bipartisan caps on federal spending, some politicians in Washington are trying to change the law and undo these sensible, bipartisan, caps so they can continue to play games with your tax dollars.

Here’s your chance to join “Team Taxpayer” and fight back.

Play Billion Dollar Baseball and test your knowledge of how the federal budget works—and doesn’t work when it wastes billions of your tax dollars. Then take action and send a message to Washington: tell them to “Keep the Caps!”

Here’s how it works. Answer a question correctly and you’ll get a hit, answer it incorrectly and you’ll record an out. Keep piling up as many hits and runs as you can before you record three outs.

Each week, top scorers will win prizes like baseball caps, pennants, and bumper stickers!

To play, enter your information below and click on the button that says “Batter Up!” Good Luck!